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Group Sponsor Custom Projects

Here at Custom Requests, we also offer you the opportunity to participate with other customers to "group sponsor" a custom project if it is one you find interesting. The cost of being a "group sponsor" is $50.00 for any of these customs under development.

Take a look at the custom projects described in the "Custom Projects Roster" below. Then send us an Email if you would like to commit $50.00 to participate in the sponsor group.

Here is the current roster of custom projects available for group sponsorship:

Custom in Development: Bridal War! (30 minutes)

The two brides are dressed in white bridal gowns with white thigh-highs, white high-heels and garter belts. They do not wear bras, and they have animal print thongs under their garter belts. One woman is on the phone telling someone that she will come to the wedding chapel in a few minutes. She picks up her bridal bouquet and hears a knock on the door. When she opens her door, another woman also in a bridal gown and carrying a bridal bouquet pushes past her into the suite. These two women have been rivals for the same man over a period of years, and each one intends to marry him today. As soon as the door is closed the women begin a bitchy exchange that quickly leads to a challenge given and accepted: the last woman standing will walk out of the room and marry the man of their dreams!

There are currently 3 sponsors for "Bridal War." We will schedule this project for production when we have 8 committed sponsors.

Custom in Development: Belly Punch Catfight (25+ minutes)

Both women believe that they each have the toughest set of abs, and they are ready to prove it. In this custom catfight the rules are simple: the women will use only belly punches to get the other woman to quit the match. Hair pulling and wedgies are allowed to control the opponent, but not for submission. The women begin the contest dressed only in thongs, and ripping off the other woman's thong is allowed. If neither woman quits for 20 minutes, then the women will engage in a standing belly punch battle, trading 5 belly punches at a time until one woman can no longer raise her arms over her head for the next round of 5 punches.

There are currently 4 sponsors for "Belly Punch Catfight." We will schedule this project for production when we have 8 committed sponsors.

Each Custom sponsorship package includes the following —

• Your choice of media: either sent to you as DVD-R or made available to you as an HD download in either “.mp4” format or “.wmv” format.

• One hundred twenty (120) high-quality pictures from your sponsored Custom, sent to you on a CD or downloaded as a "zip" file.


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